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Some people find the idea of a career in the farming industry hilarious!

They think it is all mud and wellies and ploughing a tractor up and down a field all day, but modern day farming is an exciting global industry using cutting edge technology.

Take a minute to look at this!

Video by Interesting Engineering


So who said farming was boring?

The farming industry needs 60,000 new people to work in the sector within the next ten years, as the average age of a farmer is now 59. The variety of job opportunities is immense, with average salaries exceeding the national average, and you don’t need to come from a farming background.

You will be amazed at all the different areas you can work in. Take a look at the video below…

Video by Farmers Guardian


Eight Good Reasons To Work In The Farming Industry

      1. Excellent Employment Rates – 96% of graduates leaving college or university are employed within six months.
      2. Acute Labour Shortage – The farming industry needs 60,000 new people to work in the sector in the next ten years.
      3. The “Office” is Nice – Working in agriculture involves living and working in some of the most beautiful parts of the countryside. Spending time outdoors is recognised as very important for mental and physical health and well being.
      4. People Enjoy It – A Farmers Weekly survey asked employees if they would encourage people to join the farming industry as a long-term career choice. 80% of farm-based workers and 87% of people working in agricultural related businesses said they would.
      5. Excellent Career Prospects – People are always going to need to eat and the global population is growing.
      6. Pay is Better Than You Think – Average salaries exceed the national average.
      7. You’ll Live Longer – The Office for National Statistics found people who live in the countryside live longer than people who are based in towns, cities and urban areas.
      8. You Do NOT Need to Come From a Farming Background – There are thousands of jobs you are NOT required to come from a farming background.


There are many job opportunities based on a farm, but you can also work as an agricultural engineer, an arable crop grower, a feed nutritionist, vet, agronomist, farm manager, breeder, in agricultural sales, horticulture, with livestock, in events such as the Nottinghamshire County Show, or as an artisan food producer making tasty breads and baked goods, cheeses, charcuterie, preserves, chutneys, or beverages.

Take a look at the video below produced by Bright Crop, which showcases just a few of the wide variety of opportunities…


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