A Career In Modern Farming

Why Choose One?

Some people think a career in the farming industry is all about ploughing a tractor up and down a field all day or mucking out animals, but modern day farming is an exciting global industry using cutting edge technology. Just a fraction of jobs are farm based.

The short videos below will change your mind, or we will eat our wellies! The first video (1.28) showcases the wide variety of areas you can work in.

Who Said Farming Is Boring?

The farming industry needs 60,000 new people to work in the sector within the next ten years, as the average age of a farmer is now 59. The variety of job opportunities is immense, with average salaries exceeding the national average, and you don’t need to come from a farming background.

In the video (2.17) below, listen to young people working in modern farming today talk about why they love their work.

What’s In It For You?

There are many myths surrounding a career in agriculture, such as you need to come from a farming background, the hours are long and the work low paid and only for people with few qualifications. 

This could not be further from the truth!

Excellent Employment Rates – 96% of graduates leaving college or university are employed within six months.

Acute Labour Shortage – The farming industry needs 60,000 new people to work in the sector in the next ten years.

The “Office” is Nice – Who wants to be stuck in a stuffy office all day, sat behind a desk? Working in agriculture involves living and working in some of the most beautiful parts of the countryside. Spending time outdoors is recognised as very important for mental and physical health and well being.

People Enjoy It – 80% of farm-based workers and 87% of people working in agricultural related businesses said they would recommend a career in farming. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at recent survey conducted by Farmers Weekly

Pay is Better Than You Think – Salaries exceed the National average, currently around £25,600. If you work on a farm you may also be given accommodation. Some jobs provide a company car and lots of other perks too.

Excellent Career Prospects – People are always going to need to eat and the global population has now reached over 7 billion and growing. We need to recruit more people to feed everyone.

Cutting Edge Technology – Farming has changed rapidly over the past decade with GPS farm vehicles hooking up to NASA satellites and accurate to 1mm, robots to check and harvest crops, and drones to herd sheep and cattle, collect data and for security. We need people to design, maintain and manufacture this exciting technology.

Environmental Food Science – Did you know there are farmers in the UK who are currently farming insects as a food source? Yes, very soon, we will all be eating bugs! Or that research is being carried out by Nottingham Trent University to investigate how supermarkets can grow food right on their own premises Hydroponically. Not only will the food be really fresh, the potential to reduce food miles and carbon emissions is immense.

You May Live Longer? – The Office for National Statistics found people who live in the countryside live longer than people who are based in towns, cities and urban areas. The health problems that come with a sedentary based office job are well documented.

Every Day Is Different – No two days are ever the same. Some jobs are weather dependent and seasonal such as arable farming. Working hours are therefore flexible. At certain times you will work long hours and during other times you may only work for a few hours a day.

Opportunities To Travel – Skills learnt in farming are very transferable and there are plenty of opportunities to work abroad, either to gain experience for a short time or for a more permanent change of lifestyle.

You Do NOT Need to Come From a Farming Background – One of the biggest myths of all! Anyone can gain employment in the farming industry. What is more important is passion, reliability and commitment.

A Modern Farming Revolution

The Agricultural Revolution, which coincided with the climate change at the end of the last ice age, had a dramatic impact on humanity. The reason that we have permanent civilizations today, is because of agriculture.

Farming allowed humans to form permanent settlements and abandon their nomadic ways, shifting from hunting and gathering to permanent farming communities, who no longer had to follow their herds in order to have food to eat.

Between 1760 to 1840 the Industrial Revolution had a dramatic affect on farming. The conditions of the agricultural labourer were dire and people migrated from the land to cities to find work, and supposedly better pay and living conditions. It was at this point in history the link between society and farming was broken.

Today, farming is going through a Technological Revolution, and the pace of change is rapid!

The video (2.37) below produced by Interesting Engineering highlights some of the amazing machines and robots in farming today. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this exciting industry?


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