Midlands Agricultural Engineering

Apprenticeship Award

Who Can Apply?

The Newark & Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society’s Agricultural Engineering Apprenticeship Award supports young agricultural engineering apprentices aged 17 – 25, with a bursary to assist financially with their careers. To be eligible, apprentices must currently be working with an agricultural engineering company and attending an academic institution.

Awards are given in support of our charity’s objectives, which are to promote primary agriculture and related industries; but not for food processing or secondary activities.

Priority is given to:

  1. Agricultural Engineering Apprentices to fund the next steps of their education and/or purchase equipment or tools required for their employment.
  2. East Midlands residents or students employed by companies based in the East Midlands, although not exclusively.

How Much Can I Apply For?

The award value is £500 per applicant and is paid in two instalments of £250 over two years. To qualify the applicant must agree to the following terms and conditions before any award is granted.

  1. Successful applicants are required attend the Midlands Machinery Show in November for two consecutive years to collect their award. Any applicant who does not wish to attend or fails to show up will have their award revoked.
  2. Applicants may only apply once. Repeat applications in subsequent years are not allowed.
  3. Successful applicants grant Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society express permission to use their name and photograph for publicity purposes, to include printed and online media.
  4. The Society’s decision is final when deciding on who qualifies for the award.

When Is The Closing Date?

The closing date for applications is Monday 4th October 2021


You MUST include the following details in support of your application, or your submission may not be considered due to the high number of applications we receive every year:

  1. Applicant Application Details and Consent Agreement. (You may retract your permission at any time by contacting us)
  2. Contact details for two referees, who have granted permission to be contacted and provide you with a reference. One referee MUST be your employer and the other your Course Leader where you study.

We need to know a bit about you and how our charity’s money will be spent. Please include in your application:

  1. The reason(s) why you decided upon your chosen course and a career in agricultural engineering.
  2. How the award will make a difference to you.
  3. Your career aspirations for the future. What you plan to do after your course or apprenticeship ends.
  4. Include some general background information about yourself. Tell us about any work, interests related to agriculture or voluntary experience you may have, relevant to your application.
  5. The name of any Agricultural Society or Young Farmers club you belong to.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Please refer to the important information below:

  1. Awards will NOT be paid in advance of the Award Ceremony, usually held at the Midlands Machinery Show during the second week in November.
  2. Any claims found to be fraudulent will immediately result in the loss of the award and disqualify the student from any future awards from the Society.
  3. The awards are offered on a competitive basis therefore not all applications will be successful.
  4. Cheques will only be made payable to the individual award recipient, not to a company or organisation.
  5. Awards will be granted to those applicants whom the Society believes are most deserving.

The Society’s decision is final when deciding on who qualifies for the award.

If Successful, When Will I Receive My Award?

To receive your award, you MUST attend a presentation by the Society’s President at the Midlands Machinery Show in November at Newark Showground.

IMPORTANT! Failure to attend the presentation will result in the award being revoked.

Good Luck!


How To Apply

Download an application form, which is an editable Word document. Complete the form with your details and be sure to enter all of the information we have requested, then email the form to our Education Officer to register your interest.

Our Education Officer will reply to acknowledge receipt of your application. In the event you do not receive confirmation, please telephone our main office at Newark Showground on 01636 705796

The closing date for applications is Monday 4th October 2021. To download the application form click  the link below:

Engineering Apprenticeship Award Application Form 2021



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