Midlands Agricultural Engineering Apprenticeships

Midlands Agricultural Engineering Apprenticeships


The Newark & Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society’s Agricultural Engineering Apprenticeship Award supports young agricultural engineering apprentices aged 17 – 25, with a bursary of £500 to assist financially with their careers.

To be eligible, apprentices must currently be working with an agricultural engineering company and attending an academic institution. Priority is given to apprentices currently working or stuying in the Midlands.


Chandlers, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

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Jack Repairing a Tractor

I started at Chandlers part time when I was 16 on two days a week, while I was on a full time college course the other three days. After spending a few months there and enjoying learning on the job and progressing, chandlers offered me an apprenticeship which I grabbed with both hands and I started back at Riseholme one day a week at college and the rest at work.

Over the past 4 years I have been working there I have grown not only as a mechanic but also as a person. The opportunities I have had working at a main dealership have been second to none not only hands on learning from my peers but also from the manufacturer.

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Jack Receiving His Award

This award will be a remarkable help to further my career, as it will allow me to purchase much needed tools that will help me become more effective as a worker.

I would also just like to say a huge thank you for this award it is immensely helpful as I’m sure your aware starting out and buying tools in order to work in the agricultural industry is a huge investment, and this will help me to progress further.


Robert H Crawford & Son, Boston, Lincolnshire

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Terry Carrying Out Diagnostics

I have been working at Robert H Crawford & Son for about four years now. It’s such a good place to work. I get along with all the staff, and worked myself quite hard from the start. I now have my own van and work by myself. I even got to go to Italy for training on machines.

My most proud moments are when jobs get done correctly, having an electrical fault with a machine and being able to find and rectify the fault.

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Terry Receiving His Award

This award will help me with some sort of tools, more spanners, maybe some specialist equipment like torque wrenches and … tools to use on a day to day basis.


B & B Tractors, Worksop, Nottinghamshire


B & B Tractors, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

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Frazer Performing Diagnostics

After completing my GCSEs and my first year of A-Levels in June 2017 I decided to go into the automotive trade. I got a job at Lockwell Hill Karting as a kart mechanic and technician. I really enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction repairing something and seeing it go back to work, this showed me that mechanical engineering was the type of work that I wanted to progress into.

Looking at the options available the one that stood out to me the most was agricultural machinery as I had driven a few tractors and saw them all around where we live. From the nearest dealers I decided to apply for a job at B&B Tractors. I was invited for an interview and once the option of apprenticeship was explained and I had a look around the workshop I knew I wanted to be an agricultural engineer.

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Frazer Receiving His Award

Being considered and receiving this award will be significant step in my career as it is something else to be proud of … I will use the award money to add to my tool collection probably in the form of a Milwaukee impact gun that I haven’t managed to save enough to buy it yet.

I hope to continue manufacturer training to cover the full range of AGCO equipment particularly the higher horsepower tractors as well as large equipment like combines and sprayers.

I would like to gain experience and become a master technician and carry out the diagnosis and repairs of the most complex issues. It would also be good to have an apprentice work with me at some stage so I can help train them.


B & B Tractors, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

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Lewis Repairing a Tractor

Before completing my GCSE’s, I had already decided I wanted to do an apprenticeship to become a mechanic. Looking at my local options, I contacted B&B Tractors before they were looking for any apprentices in early in December and was given the opportunity to look around the service department which was very interesting. On our tour I remember seeing seemingly huge tractors with their engines and transmissions being repaired and I decided this was definitely a career I wanted to get into.

I had to complete my GCSE’s first though and was advised to try and get the best grades I could as this would help my enrolment onto the apprenticeship, which gave me plenty of motivation! I was invited for a formal interview in July and with my results was offered a place on an apprenticeship. I’ve been working at B&B tractors for a little over 3 years and I am nearing the end of my apprenticeship.

About Woodside Willdlife Park

Lewis Receiving His Award

Having the opportunity to win this award … will make my family very proud and allow me to thank them for their support. I would probably use the award money to buy a bigger toolbox as my current one is overflowing, and I need a heavy duty one to stand up to being fixed in a van.

This award will help me to progress my career as it will allow me to purchase tools to help me do my job. Also the award certificate will help build up my CV. I am going to spend the money from the award on some new tools, possibly a impact gun as this is something that I require at the moment.

I have really enjoyed the start of my career in Agricultural Engineering and have loved working on all the different machinery and tractors, every day is different.


Cooks Midlands Ltd., Stanton under Bardon, Markfield

I first started as an apprentice from school around two ago. I have always wanted to learn on the job, as opposed to studying full time. I feel I have learnt a lot. I have a lot of colleges who support me as well which helps very much. I am most proud of being able to apply knowledge gathered from college/engineers to solve a problem, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

This award will make such a difference not only in recognition but will moral boost as it helps me see my potential and stay hungry for improvement any way I can. I will use this award as motivation and a base to grow from to keep achieving and striving for constant improvement.

I hope to achieve my goal of becoming an agricultural engineer as well as ultimately becoming a service manager or any type on manager. I would like to become a valued asset to the company and to be able to pass on my knowledge to future apprentices/trainees. This is what my company had to say:

Owens award is a true verification of why we chose to take on apprentices. It is an excellent achievement for Owen and for Cooks Midlands Ltd. and backs up the impression that we already have for Owen, to become a great engineer in the future.


Canal & River Trust, Great Heck, Goole

When I was 19 years old I joined the Yorkshire Ambulance Service as a 999 call handler, progressing to an ambulance dispatcher and my final role as a Medical Technician. After nearly 11 years of service, at the age of 30, I decided a career change was essential to preserve my well-being and to improve my work-life balance. I have two young children and a wife at home so making a career change this late in the day was no easy feat.

The benefit from this award would not only benefit me but my young family. When starting my apprenticeship, I had only but a few basic tools of my own such as a Halfords socket set. I have since invested in some quality tools, but with quality comes the expense. It can feel somewhat selfish saying “No” to my young son when he wants to do family fun things such a day trips to the coast or theme parks. Yet on the other hand I am spending about £100 for a spanner.

The most surprising thing that happened to me in my career so far was being chosen for this award by Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society. This award will help buy some more quality tools to help me perform.

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Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society supports apprenticeships for young engineers aged 17 – 25, with a bursary of £500 to assist them financially with their careers. To be eligible, students must be currently working with an agricultural engineering company and attending day release at an academic institution. Priority is given to apprentices currently working or studying in the Midlands,

Visit our Midlands Agricultural Engineering Apprenticeship Award Application page to apply.

Our apprenticeship initiative has received enthusiastic support from stakeholders such as Riseholme College in Lincoln, the Institution of Agricultural EngineersAgri Machinery News and the Midlands Machinery Show.

Our supporting organisations recognise the ever increasing technical nature in agricultural engineering and the need to raise awareness about the rewarding career opportunities available in the farming industry.

Could You Sponsor A Young Person?

Our charity has limited funds and we could help many more young people at the start of their careers if we had more funds available.

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SPONSORSHIP – We have opportunities for individuals, small businesses or larger companies and organisations to sponsor both our Education and Development Grants and our Agricultural Engineering Apprenticeship Awards.

Your support could pay for a young person to pay for training or buy much needed tools, clothing and equipment.

DONATIONS – We are always grateful for any donations no matter how small. Every little helps us to provide much needed financial support for our young people.

Please contact our Education Officer in the first instance.


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